How to run Will Aid

How to run Will Aid

We know how busy you are, so we’ve made Will Aid very easy to run (see your tips for running Will Aid below). There are no complicated procedures, administration, VAT or accounts. We also give you as much support as you need, including:

  • Freedom to take on as many or as few Will Aid clients as you choose.
  • A supply of posters, leaflets and guidance to help promote your involvement in Will Aid.
  • Providing Will Makers with a simple Will Planner.  This will help them prepare for your meeting, minimizing the time you spend with them.
  • FREE Will registration with Certainty, the National Will Register 

Spread the word

The first thing to do is let people know you are taking part. We put a lot of time and energy into letting your local community know about the great work you're doing, but more you promote your involvement in Will Aid the more successful it will be and the more positive publicity you’ll enjoy. Talk to your PR team – or get in touch with ours on [email protected] – about ideas for publicity. Share your news on social media and connect with us on Facebook and @Will_Aid.

We’ve got lots of tools to help you, too. In your action pack you’ll find Will Aid leaflets and posters so you can let the whole community know you’re taking part. To get started, you could send leaflets to your current clients, or email them about Will Aid

Be prepared

From September onwards, prospective Will Makers will be directed to your firm by the Will Aid website and hotline. Please share the 'Will Aid briefing Guide' with the first point of contact for enquiries be ready for.

Before each appointment

Whoever has first contact with a new Will Aid client, in person or on the phone, needs to:

• Explain how Will Aid works

• Tell the client about the suggested voluntary donation amounts

• Explain what a basic Will is

• Send them a Will planner, to give you a sense of their requirements (if you don’t have an in-house version, please download ours from the website)

• If a client needs more than a basic Will, let them know what the additional charges will be, on top of their donation, and check they still want to go ahead

• Once you’ve agreed to take their instruction, invite them to make their voluntary donation on our website - this is the most efficient way for a client to donate (see handling donations)

During each appointment

• If they haven’t already donated, invite the client to make the voluntary donation to Will Aid at your meeting – encourage them to do so online

• If they prefer, they can make a cheque payable to Will Aid

• Let your client know how long their Will is likely to take

• Ask whether they’ve considered including a bequest to a charity or charities

• Give them a receipt (use the yellow copy from our receipt book, which you’ll find in the action pack) for their donation (please note the data protection information)

After each appointment

• Send us the white copy receipt as soon as possible – your Will Aid action pack includes address stickers

• If the client has donated by cheque, please post it to us with the receipt

• Keep the blue receipt for your records