Handling donations

Will Aid handling donations

Once you've agreed to take a client's instruction, invite them to make their voluntary donation on our website. You will receive a confirmation email every time someone donates online. This is the preferred and most efficient method of donating as it saves you time having to post us a cheque and saves us the cost of postage.

If a client prefers, they can make out a cheque which must be made out to Will Aid, and give this to you. You can then send these to us using the Freepost stickers with your receipt booklet. 

Donations can't be made to individual charities and must be made to Will Aid. The donations support the vital work of the nine partner charities. 

Payment dos and don'ts

Do invite clients to make a voluntary donation in respect of writing their basic single/mirror wills

Do charge separately for any work you do over and above a basic will

Do make sure the client is aware of any work you would be charging for before they have committed 

Do encourage clients to donate via our website (to save you having to post cheques to us)

Do return a receipt form for each donation made offline (no receipt needed for donations made via the website)  

Don't ask the client to pay for any materials such as paper or postage

Don't ask the client for a deposit, termination fee or any other costs outside of the voluntary donation and not related to additional work you have agreed

Don't ask the client to pay you/transfer money to you directly (only in exceptional circumstances should this happen e.g. a client insists on donating cash)

Don't insist on the client making a donation, it must be voluntary and at their discretion otherwise it ceases to be a donation and would become a fee liable to VAT (most clients choose donate at or above the suggested levels)


It is very important to use your Will Aid receipt book  

Please keep the blue copy for your records, give your clients the yellow copy and forward the white copy to Will Aid with the donation. If your client has donated online, we don't need one as we will have the details already.

You can download extra receipt forms here.

Sending your donations to Will Aid office

Please send the donations you have collected using the Freepost address labels supplied with the receipt booklet. If these have been mislaid, you can send to (this should be printed and should not include any further address details):


Alternatively, if you would like to save us some postage costs, you can send directly to the payments team at the address below:

Will Aid
York House
Wetherby Road

YO26 0DQ

If you are not able to send a copy of the receipt with the donation, please let us know the name and address of the donor for our records. 

Please send your donations as soon as you can, rather than waiting until you have received them all. The sooner the Will Aid charities receive the funds raised, the sooner they can be put to work helping people in need.

What happens next?

On request, the Will Aid office is happy to send an email to confirm receipt of the donations you have forwarded.

At the end of the campaign, we will send you a certificate confirming how much your firm has raised and a newsletter to keep you up-to-date with what has been achieved.

Any problems or queries? 

Just call 0300 0300 013 and the Will Aid team will be happy to help.